The company's story

Mr. Armando Grandin founded in 1970 the Olmag workshop in Musile after a long term working experience as a turner in Italy and abroad.

In 1982, working passion, dedication and the will to reach ambitious goals are all characteristics which helped this small company make its first quality leap.

His first born son Ivan is introduced into the company and together,with a small group of workers makes the company start to grow.It is then transferred to a new warehouse in Noventa di Piave where the company continues to supply mechanical processing for third parties.

In 1985 his second born son Dario starts to work in the company and the artisan type company becomes an industrial one.

Olmag SNC"Armando Grandin mechanical processing workshop" is established in the same year.

  Olmag Due Srl is established in 1989 next the the head office. O.L.M.A.G. Srl. This new factory is able to satisfy customer demands for
more detailed products in carpentry, welding mechanical processing.

In 2002, entrepreneurial capacity and the strong will to supply highly qualified products allow company transfer into its present office. Indoor and outdoor surface range has increased and a new assemblage department has been created.

Company continuity is being guaranteed thanks to a third generation new entry component: in 2004 Mr. Andrea is introduced into the company. An International Welding Engineering master mechanical engineer becomes part of the working family.

In 2008 Mr. Alberto becomes part of the staff. A telecomunications and electronic expert, engaged in production and management regarding the electronic assemblage field.